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Project 14 Newsletter - October, 2020

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

P14 Nicaragua Supported Churches - 640 Salvations, 29 Baptisms YTD

What God is doing in Nicaragua is beyond comprehension. The biggest highlight of the fourteen Project 14 sponsored churches in Nicaragua during 2020 has been the tremendous number of salvations and baptisms, despite the challenges of the Covid pandemic. In February, 2020 (pre-Covid) the total church attendance averaged 682 people weekly with 28 salvations and 5 baptisms. Attendance began to trend down sharply during the subsequent 4-5 months just like churches in the US. In June, 2020 church attendance bottomed out to 241, yet there were 55 salvations. What a miracle!! Attendance has roared back averaging 790 per week in September. Now, the churches are full.

Pastor Robert was invited to preach at Bible Baptist Church in Matagalpa tonight! Praise the Lord two people accepted Christ and two others reconciled there lives with the Lord. Please continue praying for Pastor Robert and Pastor Berman as they lead their people for the Lord.

Pastor Oscar baptizing with his dad as well as preaching in their church.

Global Bible University

What a school year it has been for our 26 students (18 male and 8 female)! The academic school year began on March 17, 2020 with mostly remote teaching.

Bible and other classes are taught in the morning. The students attend a computer class on how to use technology for ministry in the afternoon. For part of their final grade, each group had to create and give a power point presentation. English classes are also taught in the afternoon.

For further information please check out which can be viewed in Spanish with any browser or operating system. To view this site in English, use the Chrome browser on a notebook computer.

Bolivian Children's Homes

Watch our boys and girls playing at a river and having an amazing time! This is the first time they have been able to leave the homes since mid-March. See pictures below the two videos. Please pray for them everyday!!❤️❤️❤️

Saturday, September 19, all our children in Bolivia were surprised with two pairs of shoes! One of our precious donors made these gifts possible and WOW! How thankful we are for the generosity and love for our children. You too can provide monthly support of our Bolivian Children’s Homes at!!!!

Welcome to Jobana who arrived this week to our Bolivia Children's Home for girls. She is 12 years old. Please pray for Jobana as she gets acclimated to her new home! You can pray over all our children by name at www.p14gm,org

Bible Baptist College of the Caribbean Update

Please click below. Dr. Dexter Kirby will bless you with his sharing about what God is doing through the Covid pandemic.

BBCC Newsletter 006
Download PDF • 879KB

Ken McCoy at Grace Community Church in St. Vincent

Beautiful views from the Baptist Bible College of the Caribbean.

Worldwide Zoom Meeting

On September 14th, Project 14 hosted a Zoom meeting with people in Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, United States and St. Vincent! It was great to hear testimonies from each country represented. We all live in different parts of the world but we all work to spread the Gospel!

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