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Financial Information

Our Pricing Worksheet (please email a request to is used to calculate trip costs. Individual costs may vary since groups are sometimes subsidized by sponsoring entities. Each group will need to set individual costs to satisfy their situation.


Payment is made in two stages.

  • 50% 60 days prior to the trip dates (deposit)

  • 50% 30 days prior to trip dates (final payment)

Airfare and scheduling are coordinated by the group. Itineraries, individual information forms, and consent forms must accompany the final payment if not earlier.

Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable, and any funds donated towards your trip are non-refundable. In the event, you are unable to travel, any funds minus the deposit received on your account will be held by Project 14 Global Missions for no more than 364 days and may be applied towards another trip with Project 14 Global Missions.


After that time period, the funds will be used towards ministry expenses by Project 14 Global Missions. You are responsible to pay the deposit upon submitting your application, and this deposit will not be refunded even if donations exceed the cost of your trip.

Substance Policy

Travelers agree to refrain from the purchase and/or use of alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances that do not have a prescription for during the entirety of my trip with P14, including the departure and return.

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