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Mission Trips

Sample Schedule


The community of Cristo Rey is located about 30 minutes outside of the capital city, Managua. And the Matagalpa dump is located near the Mission House in Matagalpa. These communities are very poor and are built next to the large city dumps that are continually burning the trash that is deposited there daily. Many residents, adults and children alike, visit the dump every day to find metals, plastic, and other items they can salvage to make money with. Due to the poor conditions and lack of money and food, many of the people you will see have blonde highlights in their hair because of malnutrition.

We take groups to the Cristo Rey, Matagalpa, and Diriamba dumpsites to feed the people, share a Gospel story, and play with the children. This is a fun and eye-opening experience to participate in. If you know how to smile, laugh, and do basic sign language/Spanish the kids will love you – they’ll love you even more if you play soccer!


Feeding Families at the Children’s Hospital

There is only one Children’s Hospital located in the country of Nicaragua, and this hospital has limited housing for families to stay in while their children are being treated. Due to the lack of space, many families are forced to sleep outside and go without food while they are there.

We take groups to the hospital, where you will have the opportunity to feed families and someone will share a gospel presentation. On some occasions groups are permitted to go inside the hospital and visit the children, pray with them, and give them toys and candy. However, due to the nature of the hospital, not every group is allowed to do this.

School Visits to la Granja Community & Matagalpa Elementary & High Schools

We are able to visit the schools in Matagalpa and the la Granja community to teach Bible stories, do crafts, lead game activities, and play with the younger children there. Here you will have the opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with students.

Support Local Churches with Outreach Programs.

We desire to help churches grow in their faith and in numbers by supporting them in outreach into their communities. Your group will have the opportunity to partner with local churches and/or church plants to help them as they have a ministry in their towns. You will be able to help with different programs such as:

  • Sports: Baseball league, soccer league, etc.

  • Music: You can help develop their choir or teach them how to play an instrument.

  • Outreach Meeting in Public Areas: Passing out tracts, Bible stories, preaching

  • English Class: Your team can come specifically to teach free English classes

  • Children’s meetings: VBS, etc.

Construction Projects

Your group could also help with construction projects at Global Bible University or at local churches. These projects could range anywhere from remodeling a church room to building tables and benches for seating. We also seek to be a blessing to the community in Matagalpa/Diriamba and to needy families who are unable to fix issues around their homes. Some projects would include:

  • Churches: remodeling, painting, building furniture, etc.

  • Community: Little houses, roofing, painting, etc.

  • GBU Property: faculty houses, foundation, walls, landscape, etc.

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