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Helpful Information

Thank you for applying for a trip with Project 14 Global Missions! Now that you have applied, there are several important notes to remember:

  1. Generally, all communication for your upcoming trip will be via email. Make sure to allow emails coming from the domain name access to your inbox.

  2. Plan carefully and early so that adequate arrangements and details can be made.

We are working hard to plan a great trip for you! Please let us know if any questions or concerns arise that are not answered by our website or the emails you receive. We will do our best to help you prepare for a great trip to serve the Lord with us!

When you go on a trip with Project 14 Global Missions, it’s important to be aware of what to expect.

After you have applied for a trip, remember that all communication is done via email. Make sure to allow emails coming from the domain name access to your inbox. On occasion, our coordinators will call as needed.

The cost of the trip will include your airfare (from your closest major airport), hotel, food, transportation, and all taxes. Payments will be expected to be made on time, and in full 45 days before departure. If you are experiencing financial difficulties after applying, please call us.  

General Expectations

Here are some other things you can expect:

  • Expect to work. This is not a vacation. This means getting up early, working all day, and being extremely tired by bedtime.

  • Expect to use your creative thinking skills. We are serving in a third world country. We don’t have everything at our disposal, therefore we come up with creative solutions to accomplish our goals.

  • Expect to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

    • You will be exposed to a different culture, different customs and probably a different language than you are used to.

    • You will see poverty and difficult situations.

    • You will try new foods.

    • Weather conditions are sometimes very hot, and serving conditions are uncomfortable.

  • Expect to have fun.

    • We will have a time of designated site-seeing and shopping.

    • We are a light-hearted group and enjoy laughing!

  • Expect to be flexible.

    • You may be asked to work in an area doing something you have never done before.

    • We may have to change the way we are doing things based upon situations that arise.

    • Plans may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

    • Our motto is: Be flexible

  • Expect to work as a team.

    • Each team member is important for the proper function of the trip.

    • We expect each member to do their part.

    • We learn from each other, as we know that each of us has different strengths and weaknesses.

  • Expect a spiritual emphasis.

    • We are not ashamed that our main focus is evangelism. While no team member is directly responsible for evangelism, we do pay careful attention to the counseling area.

    • We have team devotions each day led by our team leader.

    • We attend church services at our hosting church. Sometimes team members participate in the services with preaching, singing, or special music. No one is required to participate, however, every team member is required to attend the services.

  • Expect God to bless.

Your life will be forever changed if you come selflessly serving and expecting great things.

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