Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a valid U.S. Passport?

    Yes. If you do not already have a current U.S. passport, you may obtain one by picking up the forms at certain branches of your local U.S. Post Office or visiting here.

    It typically takes about six weeks to receive your passport and costs roughly $135.

    We highly recommend that you make a photocopy of your passport to bring with you and keep in a safe place separate from your original passport. It is also recommended that you leave another copy with someone at home with whom you can easily get in contact with while you are out of the country.

    The P14GM North Property located in Comunidad La Granja, Matagalpa, and the P14GM South Property is located in the province of Carazo.

  • What does the cost of the trip include?

    The cost of the P14GM missions trip includes accommodations, ground transportation, a translator and meals during the trip. Domestic and international airfare is additional. A P14GM team member may join your group for part or all of your trip, and there is no additional cost incurred with them.

  • Where will we stay?

    North Property

    P14GM has built a Mission House in Matagalpa, Nicaragua which houses up to 28 guests – 25 mission trip attendants, and 3 translators/drivers. This house has four bedrooms (each with their own restroom and shower), two living rooms, a kitchen, an outdoor dining area, and a full patio on the second floor. Other housing is currently being built to accommodate more guests.

    You are responsible to bring any bedding you will need for a twin size mattress. We recommend a fitted sheet, blanket, and pillowcase. If your group desires to donate gently used/new bedding or towels, P14GM would benefit from this.

    South Property

    P14M has a campus located in southern Nicaragua in a town called Diriamba. This facility has the ability to house up to 150 people total with 2 separate male/female sleeping areas. This area has a full dining hall with indoor and outdoor seating.

  • Where will we eat?

    All meals will be prepared at the Mission House by a local Nicaraguan cook. If you wish to eat at a restaurant, that will be an additional cost. If special food needs are required, please contact the Mission Event Coordinator.

    Filtered water will be available for your team throughout the trip. We recommend that each person bring his or her own water bottle and refill it as needed. You are also encouraged to bring your own snacks, provided they are stored in airtight containers.

  • What kind of transportation is provided?

    Throughout your trip, you will be transported in an air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable van or bus, depending on the size of your group. A licensed and trained Nicaraguan driver from the rental company is included in the cost of the transportation, and he will stay and eat meals with your group.

  • What should I pack?

    For transportation concerns, and to avoid delays at the airports, we strongly recommend that you pack one carry-on bag as well as one small bag or suitcase.

  • Is insurance provided?

    You are responsible to purchase any travel insurance you wish to have. This may be done through online insurance companies such as Travel Guard for as little as $35. If you purchase your tickets thru American Airlines, Allianz is also a great option.

  • What kind of clothing should I bring?

    We ask that all teams dress modestly while on a P14GM missions trip. In deference to those we are ministering to in Nicaragua, we ask that knee-length shorts or loose fitting pants be worn for workdays on the Mission House grounds or for sight seeing, and skirts for ladies and polo shirts for men be worn for ministry days outside of the Mission House. It is advisable to wear lightweight clothes and closed- toe shoes throughout the trip.

  • Will I be safe?

    Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Latin America. Throughout your trip you will have a P14GM representative, translator, professional driver, and professional guards stationed at each campus. We have never experienced any problems bringing groups to Nicaragua, however we do highly recommend that you leave all valuables at home and be discreet with the amount of money you choose to bring with you or publicly show.

  • What about prescriptions and vaccinations?

    There are no vaccinations required to enter Nicaragua. However, the tetanus shot is recommended, and you may want to request malaria tablets from your doctor before going on the trip. You will be responsible to bring any medications you may need during your stay.

  • How much money should I bring?

    United States currency is accepted at most locations in Nicaragua. You may wish to bring $50-$250 spending money as well as $10 to get into Nicaragua. The currency conversion is one Nicaraguan dollar (Córdoba) to .04 US dollar ($1 in USA = $25.50 Nicaraguan). If you plan to bring cash, it is advisable to bring it in small bills.

    Group leaders should plan to bring extra money for any incidentals that may arise with your group (spontaneous ice cream trip, forgotten toiletries, etc.) It is also recommended that you contact your credit card company before leaving the USA to confirm that your card will be usable in Nicaragua.

  • Is our group responsible for damages at the Mission House?

    We will never charge or collect money for damages. Although if something is broken because of negligence, we ask that mission teams provide funds to replace the broken item.

  • Can I bring anything to give away?

    Yes! We highly encourage groups to bring hard candies, small toys/trinkets, or children’s clothing to give to villagers you will meet. Once you arrive in Nicaragua, the P14GM Nicaraguan Coordinator will organize how you can give those items out.

  • What if I don't speak the language?

    The P14GM translator will be available to help you through any situations as well as translate conversations when applicable. We recommend that each member in your group learn basic words and phrases in Spanish. Of course, hugs, laughter, and smiles are universal in any language.

  • Are there emergency contact numbers?

    Yes. Emergency contacts as well as their phone numbers will be given to you before your trip, and a copy of emergency contacts is located at each campus as well. Throughout your trip our Nicaraguan Coordinator will guide you, and he will have any information you may need as well. Download WhatsApp application and set up internet calling through it for communication while on the trip. FaceTime and Iphone texts and calling work with internet. We have internet at both campuses.

  • What is the age limit?

    We ask that our mission trip guests be at least 16 years old. However, there is no age limit, and anyone who is in good health is welcome to join us in Nicaragua. Exceptions may be made for those younger than 16 if their parent or guardian accompanies them. Please contact our Mission Event Coordinator for more information.

  • What if I get sick or hurt?

    While the activities your group will participate provide little chance of you getting injured or sick, we do have access to private doctor clinics in both Managua and Matagalpa. For minor aches or scrapes, there are pharmacies that provide medications found in the USA.

  • Is there anything I should do when the trip is done?

    Yes! We would love to see any pictures or hear interesting stories from your trip. We would specifically love to hear any testimonies of what God did in your life during your time in Nicaragua. These can all be sent to the P14GM office at

  • Can our group do anything before or after our trip?

    Yes! Your group can raise funds for a project or person with P14GM and bring those funds with you to give out when you arrive. You are also welcome to take an offering or leave your unused Nicaraguan money (Córdoba) and designate that to the general fund or to a specific need in Nicaragua.

  • What is the process from leaving the US to arriving in Nicaragua?

    Before you arrive in Nicaragua your flight attendant will give each passenger two documents: Nicaragua Customs Declaration & Immigration Registration Entry/Exit Card. Everyone is required to fill out the Immigration Registration Entry/Exit Card, but only one person in each family is required to fill out the Nicaragua Customs Declaration (family members should go through Immigration and Customs together). On these cards you should mark that you are tourists, and you are staying in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

    Once you land in Nicaragua you will go through Immigration and pay $10 for a Tourist Card to enter Nicaragua. You will also receive an ‘entrance pass’, which you must present upon exiting the country. Keep any documentation they give you in your passport, as you will be required to provide it to officials upon exiting Nicaragua.

    Once you have passed through Immigration, you will then collect your luggage. You must present the luggage ticket stub you received from the airline counter in America to receive your luggage. There are security personnel who will check each bag to make sure the tags on the luggage match the ticket you give them. Luggage assistance personnel are available to help you. Remember they expect a tip for this help.

    After you have collected your luggage, you will then go through Customs where your luggage will be scanned in a machine, and you will turn in your Nicaragua Customs Declaration. Once this is completed, you will officially enter Nicaragua where the P14GM Nicaraguan Coordinator will be waiting for you!

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