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Project 14 Newsletter May-Jun 2022

Jesus Changes Lives



Rescued children have been coming to our three Bolivian Children’s Homes for about 20 years. They are victims of neglect, abuse and abandonment. We love, feed and clothe them all while sharing the love of Jesus.

Above you see Ken McCoy, founder of Project 14, baptizing precious Lizeth in a local river near Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Luis, another child in our Homes accepted Christ the following day!

We have watched these children grow spiritually. Four children have just moved from Bolivia in April 2022 after graduating from high school to enroll in the Project 14 sponsored Global Bible University in Matagalpa, Nicaragua to dedicate their lives to following Christ. These really are changed lives.

What Can You Do to Get Involved?

Please go on our website to see what God is doing through Project 14 in Bolivia. Our new video on the landing page gives a good overview of the various ministries of Project 14 Global Missions. Scroll down further under the Support a Ministry caption to the Bolivian Children’s Homes button. There is more detailed information and pictures for you to see.

Where does my money go? – When you give donations to Project 14 for support, every dollar goes to the children’s welfare. Please consider a monthly donation of at least $25 to cover the following –

- School Supplies - Tablets for remote learning

- Food - Building Repairs

- Clothing - Utilities and water

- Healthcare - Christmas Presents

- Awana - Girl’s 15th Birthday Celebration

- Staff Salaries - Building dormitories

Further information about all our ministries is available online at

You can give online through the Give button accessible at the top of each page on our website. Various methods of giving are available. Once you choose which method you prefer, you can designate which ministry to support. Each child is a life that you can make a difference in with your giving.

If you would like to, please come and visit with us. Plan a mission trip. We understand travel is not simple right now. With concerns like Covid, don’t let that take the blessing of giving of your financial resources to support these children.

These are challenging times for all ministries. We know there are many ministries that need your support. We are asking you to prayerfully consider a monthly donation to Project 14 of at least $25 to support our children in the Bolivia Children’s Homes. We are seeing changed lives and want you to have the opportunity to participate.

Our desire at Project 14 is to see more lives changed through the Great Commission. Join Us. Help Us.

Stay tuned for our next newsletters which will feature more changed lives at Global Bible University and the many churches sponsored through Project 14 in Nicaragua.

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