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Project 14 Newsletter Jan-Feb 2022

God continues to be faithful and blessing Project 14 Global Missions in so many ways. The prayers and financial support from the saints are so crucial to this ministry. This is not our ministry. It belongs to God as does everything else in this world. It seems like the Covid pandemic is beginning to be on the decline.

Let’s not return to normal. Why not renew our commitment to live more by faith. There’s plenty to be fearful for in this world. Yet, God is still in control and still on the throne. The Holy Spirit within us is so much more powerful than the dark forces of this world. Please continue to pray for Project 14 to show honor and glory to our Blessed Savior. As the Lord leads, please give online at and designate which person or ministry should receive your gift.

Three Specific Financial Needs (more details below) –

1. $250/month each support for two new churches in Nicaragua.

2. $5,000 needed for airfare for five Bolivian Students to travel from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Matagalpa, Nicaragua to attend Global Bible University.

New Church Plant Sponsors Needed –

The Lord blessed Project 14 and Global Bible University with two new graduates in October 2021. Their names are Isaiah Guardado and Samuel Rosales. These young men have been called to preach and have a desire to plant a church. They each need $250/month support to operate these churches. Please give online at and designate as Isaiah’s Church Support or Samuel’s Church Support. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Isaiah has already begun his work in Leon, Nicaragua. God is blessing this church. Several have come to Christ and begun influencing their community for Jesus. Isaiah is holding services in a rented building. A team from Project 14 spent a day evangelizing with God giving a fruitful time.

Samuel would like to start a church in the next couple of months in Reves, Nicaragua. He has visited this area several times and has been evangelizing. Please pray that God will provide for their needs and make their ministries fruitful. He currently has no support.

Both young men have a heart to serve. Please pray that God will provide their needs and make their ministries fruitful.

Airfare for New Students to attend GBU needed –

Five young women from our Bolivian Children’s Homes are starting at Global Bible University in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Plane fare for each student is $1,000. Imagine the possibilities for these young ladies as they leave Bolivia to fly for the first time and attend Bible college in another country on another continent. Some support has been raised but much more is needed. School has already started so these new students will be behind in their studies. Please give online at and designate as Bolivian Students Airfare.

Update on Pastor Alejandro Blanco’s house in Nicaragua –

Thank you to those of you who contributed towards this great project. We believe we are getting closer to collecting the money needed to complete his house. A build team from Indiana laid all the block on the freshly poured foundation. The roof was completed in mid-February. We will continue with the plumbing, electrical and pour the flooring soon as more money comes in. Please give online at and designate as Pastor Alejandro’s House.

Global Bible University –

The new semester began 2/21/22 in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. It is anticipated this enrollment will be approximately 30 students total including the five new students from the Bolivian Children’s Home. Please pray for these godly young men and women as they further their education preparing for ministry.

Project 14 Sponsored Nicaraguan National Churches -

Church attendance remains steady at approximately 750 in average attendance during January. Also, there were 72 salvations and 21 baptisms. Thank you, Lord.

Bolivia –

Our precious children in Bolivia are back in school-the girls by zoom and the boys in person. In addition to their studies, our girls and boys are involved in Bible studies and Church each week. Also, Dr. Johnny Daniels’ grandson is teaching them a Bible lesson every week. Please pray for our children to grow in the Lord, and to be protected from the enemy. You can read about each of our children at and send monetary support for their many ongoing needs. What a blessing to all who share with orphans!!!! Please five online at and designate your gift to Bolivian Children’s Homes.

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