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Project 14 Newsletter July/Aug 2021

Project 14 is partnering with to deliver food and other materials to the Caribbean islands that have suffered natural disasters.

Project 14 supporters – We are so totally dependent on God for everything. The resurgence of the Covid pandemic is but another reminder that we are not in control. Our ministries have been adversely affected as some of the Nicaraguan pastors and their families have contracted Covid and have been hospitalized in the last two months. Church services are not as well attended because of the increased risk of contracting Covid. In Nicaragua, only people over 60 have even been vaccinated. The country has so many young people who are much more susceptible to the Delta Variant of the Covid virus.

We are thankful to our Project 14 supporters for your faithfulness in supporting this ministry with your prayers and financial resources. You can give online at We are grateful for your gifts to support sharing the Gospel around the world through Project 14 Global Missions.

Update on St. Vincent and A New Emergency in Haiti

Food and medical supplies are being collected and trucked to Key West, FL for staging. Sea Hope will sail back from Haiti to Key West to pick up the supplies and return to Haiti. Most of these collections were meant for St. Vincent. However, the earthquake on 8/14/21 in Haiti has created a more urgent need for food in this country. At last count, 2,500 people died, 20,000 people are injured and over 500 are still missing from the earthquake disaster. These numbers are sure to go up.

Two 40 ft. shipping containers are currently staged at Calvary Baptist Tabernacle in Puerto Rico to store food and other materials to distribute in the Caribbean for disaster relief. There are considerable expenses for this kind of mission. 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel, plus food for the crew and other expenses require financial support. Please give online at and designate your gift to Haiti as the Lord leads you.

A team from Faith Baptist Church in Knightdale, NC is on board as a volunteer crew on Sea Hope to assist Captain Buddy Puryear in sailing, loading and unloading and distribution of the food in Haiti. Captain Puryear’s wife does the cooking for everyone. Local pastors in Haiti will coordinate the food distribution. Go to for more information, videos and track their journey through the Caribbean.

Their mission is expected to take three weeks. Hurricane season is just getting cranked up. It makes the journey more treacherous. Please see the pictures included on the back of the next page of our newsletter to see how the earthquake has impacted Haiti.

Global Bible University welcomes back the students in August.

Medical Missions Outreach (MMO) trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua

A team of 30 people from MMO set up a vision and medical clinic in Matagalpa in early July. 1216 people were treated with 135 professions of faith for the Lord Jesus. Wow – What a week! Everyone treated was sat down with individually and presented with the Gospel. We give God the glory. We want to recognize Maria Monjarrez, a wonderful Project 14 administrator based in Diriamba, Nicaragua, who handled all the government paperwork involved to make a trip like this possible for a medical team to serve from the US in Nicaragua.

For more information, please view the two short videos from the trip at by clicking on the upper right corner tab for Newsletters to view the blog posting.

Medical Missions Outreach Team in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Medical Missions Team treating patients in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Mount Zion Baptist Church Breaks Ground on a New Building

The new church building construction continues to proceed well. See pictures below as the building gets near completion. We are grateful to Pastor Jose Martínez who started a Baptist Church in Tisma, Masaya 10 years ago.

Baptisms in Nicaragua

The sixteen Project 14 sponsored churches in Nicaragua have averaged 15 salvations per week during July and August. Attendance has declined somewhat primarily from the Covid pandemic. Praise the Lord for His blessings. Pastor Wilfredo celebrated their first worship service in Promised Land Baptist church in August.

Project 14 annual planning meeting with the pastors.

New Church buildings abound. Pastor Wilfredo celebrates with his people in their first service at Promised Land Baptist.

Bolivian Children’s Homes – Please see the most recent newsletter (below) from our Girls and Boys Children’s homes in Bolivia. God is continuing to bless in a mighty way to the approximately 100 children in these two homes. It’s wintertime in Bolivia since they are in South America which is in the Southern Hemisphere. A special shout out goes to Miguel and Edly Salazar who have served faithfully for many years in these homes to minister to these children.

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A devastating earthquake hit Haiti in the middle of August 2021. Currently, there are 1,500 dead and 6,000 injured in the poorest country in the hemisphere. The devastation is widespread. The dead and injured numbers are sure to rise.

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