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Project 14 History in Puerto Rico

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

History of Project 14 with the Calvary Baptist Bible College in Puerto Rico.

The first trip was a team of 8 people from Faith Baptist Church in Knightdale, NC who came to the campus after the Hurricane Maria in 2017. Shortly after the hurricane, we arrived in Puerto Rico to help with the clean up and removal of flooded destroyed buildings.

The second trip was a team of 8 people from Faith Baptist Church in August, 2018. We returned to assist with rebuilding the Calvary Baptist Christian School and Calvary Baptist College buildings. The large dorm building that housed the students and most of the college class rooms was torn down and all that was left was a large concrete pad. The original idea was to rebuild this building. In the mean time a 40'X8' shipping container that was converted to a dorm room was fabricated by a company in Florida and shipped to the island as a prototype dorm replacement.

It was our thought that if they can do that, we can do that faster, and less expensively. A 40'X9'6" used shipping container was then purchased and shipped to Knightdale, NC by Project 14. It was converted into another dorm building and shipped complete to Puerto Rico ready to "plug in". It was then decided that the campus would consist of converted shipping containers for the balance of the dorms.

Five more shipping containers were purchased and shipped through generous donations of many churches that support the Bible College in Puerto Rico.

In January, 2020, we began the up-fit of these containers. Four containers are slated to be Dorm Rooms and one is a Shower/Toilet container. The framing, electrical, doors, windows and insulation have been completed in the dorm container. The framing, doors, windows, electrical, rough-in plumbing, insulation, and drywall have been completed in the shower container. The shower walls and petitions are up and ready for tile.

The Covid 19 situation has hampered us greatly. We should be done, but are far from it. We need your help both financially and physically to complete this mission. Has the Lord spoken to you about helping a ministry In some manner? Do you have a desire to learn or are you skilled in the trades? We are in need of your assistance. Please contact Dan King at or at 252 363 2893. We are planning another trip soon, maybe you would like to go?

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