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Luis Castro
Calvary Baptist Church


My name is Luis Manuel Castro Arias, I am 41 years old. My wife’s name is Sarai Elizabeth Tijerino Delgado, we have one son his name is Manuel Salvador Castro Tijerino, He is 19 years old. I believed on Jesus when I was 16 years old, since that moment I started to serve the Lord in the church serving as a youth pastor during some years, after that I served The Lord as assistant Pastor in the church. In 2012 I was ordained as a pastor in Calvary Baptist Church where I am serving the Lord now full time. In that date the church had 25 members, now the church has 40. During this time, the church has grown, not only numerically but spiritually. Our goal is keep serving the Lord, sharing the Gospel and grow every day in God’s Grace. Calvary Baptist Church is in kilometer 47 ½ the ocean Road, 20 minutes from Diriamba city, Carazo province. We have six years serving the Lord in this church. My interests with God, My Family and My Church. To serve the Lord. I want to grow in God’s Grace, to grow as a person and develop my ministry as a pastor. With my family I want to be a God provider, all the things my family need, and keep working serving the Lord. With my church, saved souls, growth, a sustainable church. My favorite hobby is baseball, I am not practicing to much but I enjoy to see the baseball league. 

Our projects: 1. We are working on the tile of the church. We have the tile but we need money for labor. Please pray for that. 2. A second project is to have water in the pastoral house. We have problems with water. 3. To buy a water tank because here is a need. 4. We need to fix the windows in the pastoral house. We have problems in rainy season because that. Please keep praying for our church, my family, my ministry. God provide everything we need to finish those projects.

If support for a pastor substantially exceeds the monthly goal, excess funds may be redirected to another deserving need

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