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Herling Parrales
Faith Baptist Church


Our Family has 5 members: 2 boys, married, they do not live with us, and a girl, Emily, She helps in the services with the direction, sings, and teaches in the sundy school class. In our family our interests are: working hard to get a growth in our church, because this church is the answer God gave us to our will to serve the Lord. To be part of this ministry and be a blessing for others. Our Hobbies: I am serving in the church as a pastor but i have a job too. In a Stone company. My wife and I are studying in Grace Bible Institute. I am a musician, and I enjoy to be practicing songs. I am the director of a Bible Institute by video in my own church. I like to share the góspel house by house. My daughter hobby is serving in the church and she is going to the school too, secondary school. My wife enjoys to share the góspel with me, and she helps me with the music ministry. She has a generous heart always she has someone to help. We have 12 years saved by Christ Grace - 3 years in the ministry. This is a wonderful experience, we really enjoy it. Church Address. Our address is km 42 ½ The Ocean Road, Hermanos Morales Town, Diriamba city, Carazo province, Is Faith Baptist Church in front of the main road. Projects: Now we have some projects, church growing : on February we had a conference with leaders and pastors, we are planning a youth conference in the church. The idea is the youth bring more young people. We are preparing a seminary for Sunday School Teachers. Other economics projects: build a Wall to show the people our services and our Schedule, and special activities. We need to fix the fence in oune side of the church, for safety, to fix the doors in the church and the gates of each one. We want to change the principal door in the church for one better and in a better condition. Prayers request: People saved. God uses us to serve him better. God help us to be better and be a blessing for others, and to be a blessing for our church too. To be faithful, for our projects, protection for pastors, missionaries and families. In the future: Our desire for the future as a p14 activities together, share experiences, learn from others, to have conferences, to do projects, sponsors, helping churches with equipments, spiritual sopport, to work as a team God will bless our work because it is his work. God’s grace and mercy always with you, blessings.

If support for a pastor substantially exceeds the monthly goal, excess funds may be redirected to another deserving need

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