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Sharon Daleska Perez Obando

1. When I was 10 years old, a pastor came to our church to preach, his name was Erik Tellez. God spoke to me through this pastor and I decided to surrender my life to the Lord.

2. For me it is very important and it is an honor because I am walking in the purpose of God, not only as a biblical teacher but I am also able to work with the girls of GBU. My parents have always been my counselors, my parents along with my husband helped me to reach my decision.

3. I knew about GBU through Pastor Pablo Cruz who came to our house four years ago to talk about the university. My brother decided to study at GBU and he graduated in February 2019. My parents, my brother, my husband and brother Richard Ramos influenced me to study and support me. GBU helps provide my transportation.

4. My biggest challenge is my other career, I am currently studying for an English degree. God is the one who helps me do both and gives me wisdom to move forward.

5. It would be a great help to have a biblical library in our university, and also that in each class have study materials such as books or brochures, etc. Yes, I am growing it has been a nice experience being at GBU.

6. It is an excellent university not only because they prepare young people spiritually, but also because they financially support their students to start their ministries.

If support for a student substantially exceeds the monthly goal, excess funds may be redirected to another deserving need

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