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Samuel Calero

1. I was 6 years old when I accepted Jesus in my heart, my father taught me about hell and heaven and he guided me to take my decision
2. I took my decision to serve God in 2017, at 2018 I had the opportunity to study in GBU.
3. Pastor Wilfredo Alvarado on several occasions invited me to the youth camp, my family supports me since I took the decision to study in GBU, and my church supports me financially.
4. My problem is to have every week the money to pay the bus ticket, my church supports me, my father and my grandparents as well.
5. It would be useful to have a library with biblical books; I have certainly had a great spiritual growth.
6. The GBU offers opportunities to change the spiritual life, at the beginning is always difficult but the challenges always make us learn to depend on God.

If support for a student substantially exceeds the monthly goal, excess funds may be redirected to another deserving need

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