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Kenneth Lopez

1. I accepted Jesus on February 15, 2004 in Elim Church (Assemblies of God), I was nine years old.

2. I want to follow the steps that Jesus taught the disciples, like the Great Commission, to bring the gospel to every creature. I convinced myself of Gods call to my life in a camp of GBU, Pastor Gerardo Fuentes preached.

3. I knew about the university through a student of GBU, he talked to me about what the teachers taught.
4. The first Challenge was my Dad, he did not want me to attend college, but I prayed for the Lord to change my fathers thinking. Thank God I am in my final year and my Dad is very happy.

5. I feel that I have begun to grow, many requests God has already answered. The preaching in the chapel time about prayer has been very helpful.

6. God has helped GBU to grow. We are happy with the knowledge that we have acquired, it will be very useful in our ministries.

If support for a student substantially exceeds the monthly goal, excess funds may be redirected to another deserving need

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