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Jennifer Balmaceda

1. On May 23, 2015 I accepted Christ in my home when some missionaries were passing through our village.

2. Gods call for me is important because it made me make the decision to service him and meet him every day more. I determined this in youth camp and the people that helped me make that decision was Pastor Wilfredo and my Dad.

3. I knew about GBU through the church and through a youth camp. Pastor Wilfredo and Pastor Jose Martinez influenced me to come to college. Part of my family does not support me. I am financially supported by my pastor and my church.

4. My biggest challenge has been the support of my family, my personality, the people who help me through it are my pastor, his wife and the people closets to me.

5. It would be very useful to have support material in the classes like books, but one of the greatest needs in my life is to learn more about God. I have grown spiritually and I am improving in many aspects of my life.

6. It is an excellent university because it prepares young people to serve God.

If support for a student substantially exceeds the monthly goal, excess funds may be redirected to another deserving need

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