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Richard and Fatima Ramos

Nicaragua Operations Director/ NGO Administrator

In 2009, Richard Ramos went on a short-term mission trip to Boaco, Nicaragua. His life was immediately impacted and he sensed God's call into full-time missionary service. It wasn't long until he met a new, young disciple at the Hope Center in Nicaragua named Fatima. They fell in love and were married soon after. Fatima and Richard completed their missionary studies while serving as missionaries through Universidad Cristiana Logos and Misión Hispana.

Richard and Fatima have served in a variety of ministry settings as missionaries in Nicaragua and Colombia. They have also worked with Hispanic migrants in Southwest Florida. Richard has served as an executive administrative pastor/missionary and Fatima has ministered to scores of women and children in Southwest Florida, Colombia and her native Nicaragua. They have two precious children, Hernaldo and Elijah. The Ramos family is thrilled to partner with Project 14 to reach and train national pastors and help grow their churches.


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